Election Eve 2018


As I write this it is just about 24 hours before the polls close on the 2018 White Rock municipal election and really no one knows who will be on the 2018 to 2022 council and those that don’t make it.

I would like to express many thanks.

First, of all to all the candidates who ran. For the most part, it was a fairly good campaign filled with respect. There was the odd clash, but really they are not worth dwelling on. But these are to be expected as six people compete for one mayor’s position and twenty-two people running for six council spots.

Second, I have to thank the residents of White Rock putting up with candidate after candidate vying for their attention through door knocking, being handed brochures on street corners, and seeing a myriad of signs dotting street ends and people’s front lawns.

Each candidate has a small team of volunteers and supporters who gave unwavering support. And to each of these incredible people, I say thanks. Not just my own, but every candidate’s team members. They get no glory of getting on the council, but they believe their person to get there.

There is family as well. I know my son and wife waited up late some nights as I was absent at a community event. Putting up with boxes of brochures all over our beach flat. And me being absent at a few important family events. I am sure this was shared by every candidate’s family.

While Elections BC has modernized the campaign rules to allow candidates to do a last minute brochure thrust as you walk to one of White Rock’s three polling stations tomorrow, I am a little old school.

For the past four to six weeks you’ve approached by different candidates. But to me, voting day is your day. It’s not my day to do one last appeal to get your vote.

Rather I view it as the day for you to cast your ballot for the future you want to have for White Rock.

And after the election, we are all still neighbours and friends.

Whoever the voters of White Rock elect to run our city for the next four years, I put my trust in the voters.

Thank you to each and every one of you for allowing a whole bunch of strangers and friends asking you to vote for us. It has been an honour to be a part of the campaign and to listen to you.